Konstantinos Doumpenidis

Visual Artist and Creative Director
Live and work in Athens, Greece 

Creative Director of Juicer Studio
Part of Esto Association


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Shadows Places

Culture Foundation of Tinos - Greece
July 2023

The situation in Liani Ammos Bay, Evia-Greece, where a wind farm operates close to residential areas, exemplifies the concept of "shadow places" described by Val Plumwood. The residents face unbearable noise levels, infrasound, and the disruptive flickering effect caused by the rotating wind turbine blades. This environmental injustice highlights the need for a more inclusive approach to renewable energy development that prioritizes the well-being of affected communities.

Connecting with the principles of degrowth, the focus should shift towards sustainable and human-scale energy solutions. It is crucial to establish regulations that consider the location and potential impact of wind farms, ensuring equitable and sustainable development. By prioritizing the quality of life and the environment over constant economic growth, we can address the adverse consequences associated with large-scale wind farms and promote renewable energy practices that align with ecological principles.

Embracing Val Plumwood's critique, we must recognize the interconnectedness of ecological and social issues. Engaging in dialogue between residents, regulatory authorities, and environmental advocates is essential to foster understanding and develop solutions. By promoting a holistic understanding of energy generation and consumption, we can strive for a future where green energy investments genuinely contribute to ecological health and the well-being of communities, while respecting the intrinsic value of nature and the boundaries of nature.

Beyond Fear
Curated by Un Processed Realities
Graphic Design by ESTO Association
Visuals by Markela Bgiala

With the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture