Konstantinos Doumpenidis

Visual Artist and Creative Director
Live and work in Athens, Greece 

Creative Director of Juicer Studio
Part of Esto Association


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Fascist Virus

Centrum, Berlin - Germany
November, 2020

Drawing from Karl Polanyi's unpublished article "The Fascist Virus" (1934), the text examines fascism's contagion, targeting the working class and minorities during systemic crises. By weaving an allegory on contemporary societies and right-wing extremist voices in Europe, it explores Eco-fascism's utilization of ecology and nature for land protection and exclusionary belonging. The COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed ecofascist ideologies prioritizing environmental concerns over human lives. The text draws parallels to the past, where the far-right exploited ecological themes for propaganda. It serves as a cautionary tale about history's repetitive tendencies, reflecting on the current manifestations of ecofascism during the pandemic.

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