Konstantinos Doumpenidis

Visual Artist and Creative Director
Live and work in Athens, Greece 

Creative Director of Juicer Studio
Part of Esto Association


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Debtron Electronics

Megaron Athens Concert Hall
May, 2016

Debtron is a state of the art integrated mechanism in compliance with the OCDE Toolkit, particularly effective in the rationalization and deflation of national debt. It is an essential apparatus aimed at all accredited, aspiring and industrious politicians and legislators.

The elegant configuration of Debtron is designed to be placed on a prominent —preferably expensive— bureau. A typical monitor (sold separately) is required to display seven (7) distinct, fluctuating values, including the most important one, that is the absolute debt in Euros. The latter however, cannot be manipulated directly, but is instead calculated in real-time according to the operator’s input.

The variables available to the operator are as follows:

○ Minimum wage.
○ Total national surface.
○ Count of immigrants hosted.
○ Individual pensioners alive.
○ Sum of Members of Parliament.

Minimum number of citizens allowed to be unemployed.
The afforementioned variables range between the actual minimum and maximum values in the European Union. They are subsequently linked to the national debt with our patented algorithm, thus the operator is able to obtain live feedback from their actions and accordingly inflate or deflate the debt.


Megaron Athens Concert Hall

The documentary “DEBTRON: We Reform Politics” was shot to sub- stantiate this unique presentation to a reputable government official, and to testify to the company’s ethos and willingness to change how politics is conducted today.